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Current mod list:


Mountune: RMM, Intake, BPV
TB Performance: traction bars, rear end-links, strut-tower/mid-chassis/master-cylinder braces
ST Suspensions: rear sway bar
Mishimoto: Intercooler, hot/cold pipes
Borla: catback
VelossaTech: snorkel, diffuser fins, wing risers
AEM: dryflow filter
NGK: Ruthenium step colder plugs
Boomba: OCC, symposer delete, hood release
CFM: valve cover breather
MELE: battery box / XS Power S680
Konig Hypergrams / Michelin PS4S

Hella: Supertones
Shift Solutions: 400g CS knob
JBR: gas pedal spacer
Steeda: jacking rails, magnetic drain plug, interior hood latch
Spec-D: smoked tailights
Diode Dynamics: SLF yellow fogs, side-mirror, trunk, visor LEDs
Headlight Armor: GT yellow fog overlays
Lamin-X: 3rd brake light tint
Anchor Room: side marker blackouts
Rokblokz: shorty mudflaps
Perrin: 2" shorty antenna
Infinity: Primus 6510cs speakers
Rockford Fosgate: 8" shallow mount subwoofer

Year 1:

1. Signed lease w/ 90 miles on odo, got sidewall bubble in a tire after 100 miles. Dealer service manager said tire is special order and will take at least a week and I had to leave the car. Ordered Pirelli p-nero shipped from TireRack to dealer next day, showed service manager spare in trunk to put on, came back next day and Dealer mounted tired for free but scratched up rim, no action taken.
2. Discovered wheels/tires not covered in maintenance plan sold at signing. Fought to get plan refunded and reduce monthly payment amount, resolved to do my own work or go to my mechanic friend.
3. Hood rubbing on headlights, took back to Dealer body shop to adjust, they found a rock under one headlight.
4. Around 600 miles noticed fuel line rubbing on symposer box bolted to battery tray. Factory had placed cellophane tape around the fuel line in that spot to protect and it was already scratched up. Blocked off w/ Boomba's delete and removed all symposer components, blocking firewall hole w/ included delrin plug.
5. 2000 miles: swapped stock air filter for AEM Dryflow.
6. Swapped out stock '15 shift knob for Ford '16+ ST3 carbon fiber knob
7. Installed Perrin shorty 2" antenna
8. 3000 miles: Oil changed to Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 + Motorcraft FL-400 S Filter using Rhino Ramps, all from Walmart.
9. ~3300 miles: After way too much deliberation with another brand, finally installed Boomba PCV catch can.
10. 3500 miles: Installed CFM breather cap. (bought used from forum member)
11. Was gonna install JLT on CCV side, but didn't want to cut sensor hose and couldn't source one w/ the sensor hose. JBR was gonna sell me a plastic adapter for $35, I passed after checking intake and not finding oil since installing CFM breather.
12. Got Fly5d floor mats, added Boosted Designs dead pedal, but Fly5d heel plate was plastic/thin metal and bent, went through 3 iterations of my own galvanized steel plate.
13. Installed Garageline accelerator pedal spacer.
14. Driver seat was clicking side-to-side, installed Whiteline lateral locks, problem solved.
15. Installed Rockblokz mud flaps (used from forum member)
16. Polyfilled subwoofer.
17. Applied RocketScience gold foil to airbox lid, and later to intake crossover pipe.
18. Clay barred and waxed.
19. Installed VelossaTech diffuser fins.

(to be continued)

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Weight reduction:

See cellophane tape the factory installed where the symposer box was rubbing the fuel line, like that'll help for long:

Ready for catch can:


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Where did you get this insert thingy? Or was it a modified weather liner?
Fly5d, but be warned that heel plate will not stand up for long, and if you remove your heel will wear through the synthetic rubber-leather material. Galvanized steel sheet was like $10-15 at Home Depot, sorry I forget exactly how much but I had enough to cut a few times. Actually I have to find a pic of the final iteration which went back all the way to where the mat bends up under the pedals, otherwise your left heel catches the edge when clutching.

To Fly5D's credit, when I told them the heel plate bent, they sent me a replacement drivers mat. However it had the same heel plate so I still had to fab up a legit metal plate and rivet into the mat.

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Year 2

1. 8000 miles: Oil changed again w/ Pennzoil Platinum and Motorcraft FL-400 S
2. Mountune RMM and TB Performance front traction bar go in same time, night and day.
3. Got rear traction bar and strut tower bar from TB Performance group buys, but before I could install, got first CEL misfire. Depression, reset code once, came back twice more before summer, then no more.
4. 13k miles: changed oil to Royal Purple w/ Motorcraft FL-400 S
5. Got a new phone after 7 years.
6. Installed headlight armor on fogs in GT yellow; Blacksys CH-100B dual dash cam; and Steeda jacking rails. And drank beers.
7. 16k miles TB Perf rear traction bar, reverts whatever understeer gained w/ front traction bar, easier nose-in at speed > 45mph. Car feels great

(To be continued)
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