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I have an SCT tuner and one of the cool things is that you can decide at what RPM should the limit be (launch control). I know about 2,500 RPM is about the sweet spot for a good shot off the line but at what RPMs do you think makes your ST sound good? I have a 3" Cobb downpipe and catback exhaust, the muffler and resonator were removed so I put in a glasspack to help with the drone. It has a very nice deep tone to it and 2,500 RPMs has a very low sound and it bounces off the limiter very slowly. I've heard some tuned cars that have a high rev limiter and it just sounds like a blast and I was wondering if anyone's done the same with an ST.

I've included a link for examples of what I'm talking about with a high rev limiter sound. So at what RPM produces a good sound in an ST? Thanks for reading.

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