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For what it's worth, I'd like to offer up my review of this extremely cheap, $89, tire. For $89 I obviously didn't expect much, but on my stock turbo with e30 Freektune I was really struggling for traction through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. A good buddy with a 440 whp big turbo Cobalt SS was actually the one that tipped me off to these sweet cheapies. I am now big turbo, 2867r, and on my second pair of 245-40-18 UHP1s and these hooks AMAZING. They're pretty quiet on the road, handle well, and hook extremely well when they are warmed up. Traction wasn't an issue anymore on the stock turbo from any low rolls, and even now on the Big turbo it will dead hook from a brake boosted 25psi 40 roll or 35 roll. Tread they lasted me about 7000 miles, and that was with me beating the absolute piss out of them, and a 2000 mile drive from Albuquerque to San Diego and back.

With a little bit of research I was able to find out that these tires are really popular with big v8 guys in Australia, and priced for a lot more out there too. With winter coming up, I wouldn't recommend picking these up yet. They really don't handle well in the rain, and I don't even want to imagine what they would handle like in the snow. However, for 89$ a tire, I would say that these are up there with much more expensive extreme summer performance tires. Give these a try and you will not be disappointed, especially if you are trying to get traction on a budget. Consider sourcing these for your next pair of summer shoes and save yourself some money.

Here are the official specs from Discount Tire:
Treadwear 280
Traction AA
Temperature A
Load Range XL
Speed Rating W
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