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I got my Focus ST about 4 months ago and around the time I got it I also got the battery tested at Oreilly's and they said it was in its last quarter. I haven't really had an issue with the car besides it takes a second to start up. If I were to just get the battery changed now without the car alerting me on the dash that the battery is bad, would I need to do a BMS or would it be good to just change it and everything would be fine electronic-wise? Also, I'm thinking about getting one of these batteries. Which would be the best option?
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I did a battery not too long ago just to be preventive as I didn't know the last time it was changed. Clean up the - ground and follow the yt videos on how to reset the BMS system. It is pretty simple. Was something like putting the car in accessory mode, flashing high beams 5 times, pressing break 3 times & battery light will flash 3 times when done correctly and reset. I just got the highest CCA I could find when getting a new bat.
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