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Battery Light issue.

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Hey guys, couple of days ago I was leaving my work and saw that my battery light was on, (Later i figured that it turns off/on occasionally) naturally I went to check my cobb to see the codes, I always a U0284 code, since I do not have AGS whatsoever, I've had this car for year and a half now and been driving with that code no problem, but I saw that there is new codes, U012D, U042E, P065B, and P065C.
My best guess would be an alternator, but I'm just not sure, there was a lot of snow a day or two before I saw the code, I'm not sure if that could affect anything. In other discussions I saw someone saying that battery might cause the issue. I have checked voltage on my car, when off it does 12.5V, and when the vehicle is on and the light is off it does 14.7V, but when the light goes on it does 13.7V. No driving issues at all, and I haven't seen any electric issues too.
Hopefully you guys could help me!
I call on you FoST gurus: @SSgtjrobertson and @Duece McCracken
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I updated this thread to include some of these issues. Read over this post and we can discuss it further.

Yes, I've went through that thread, it seems very helpful, but I couldn't really find anything. Most common idea is AGS, but once again, I don't have them, and my the port for it have been dangling around ever since I've had it.
Do you have a DMM (digital multimeter)?
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