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Hey everyone!

I thought I'd hop on and share my experience with this cutback (and this company, AWE, altogether). I should note that I work for at AmericanMuscle and I deal with exhausts (really all mods) on a daily basis. I've had, or dealt with, my fair share of catbacks ranging from eargasm to migraine inducing.

I have a 2017 Focus ST (bone stock with the exception of a BOV and other small non-performance accessories). I decided to pickup a catback, and my first purchase was a Roush Performance catback - which is essentially a straight pipe (it does have a bullet style muffler, but it doesn't have much baffling). The exhaust was on the louder side and had a ton of drone. Great quality, just too much for my daily.

I decided to switch to the AWE Touring Resonated catback after much research into what would sound good but have little-to-no drone. I got in touch with AWE, went over to their headquarters in Horsham, PA after ordering the exhaust and picked it up. I took a tour of their HQ, and I loved what I saw! These guys make every single exhaust to order and they take extreme care and pride in doing so. They also have a Porsche Carerra hard-parked in their lobby...sick.


The AWE Touring Resonated sound was exactly what I wanted. If I had to rate it volume wise, I'd give it around 3/5 on a loudness meter. Quality wise, definitely 5/5. It has a GREAT wide open throttle sound, on deceleration it has a nice rumble and slight backfire at a great, deep tone. Idle is tamed, no uneasy sounds, no interior NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). Perfect for a daily driver, which mine is of course. The biggest thing that I was looking for was drone. There are so many options out there for this car that are just a 3", non-resonated, drone-city catbacks. That's not what I wanted, and it's not what I got! While this is a 304 Stainless 3 inch diameter, it's got the AWE 180 degree tech built into the muffler to eliminate high-frequencies that ultimately cause the headache inducing drone, and the resonator keeps it from getting too overwhelming for a daily. I'm here for quality, not volume. At 3k-4k RPM's, the sound is awesome, and it's all outside of the car. You can hear it barking, but not in an "I need earplugs and a Tylonol" kind of way. Also, I got the Black Diamond tips - the absolute best look on this car! Of all of the exhausts I've played with, installed, listened to, rev-tested and beat the **** out of, this one fit the best and the BD Tips look the best.

At the end of the day, if you're looking for a catback that has no drone, but does have a fun-as-hell daily driver sound, the AWE Touring Resonated catback is great choice. The Black Diamond tips look amazing, but cost a couple extra bucks. Their Chrome/Silver tips look good too and have a more classic look, which is all personal preference.
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