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About Us
AutoStyled was started with a simple goal, Function and Form! The products had to perform just as good as they look, regardless of the time and effort required to make nothing short of perfection in our eyes. Our goal is to offer a factory like fitment and install, while providing added benefit of using better materials and craftsmanship to areas of the car which we felt left something to be desired.

All items are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, using high quality materials that are domestically sourced and spec'd to our product requirements. Each product goes through a strenuous design process, test fitments, short and long term testing, and includes everything required to provide our customers with the best final product that is available in the segment.

Shift and Brake Boots
We launched the brand with Leather and Alcantara shift and e-brake boots along with high quality shift knobs. We found that the stock boots on the cars were made from cheap materials, that deteriorated quickly and did not match the rest of the vehicle interior. Spending several months, we were able to narrow down proper patterns, materials, and thread styles, which resulted in some simply amazing products!


Working close with our raw material providers who are all based in the US, and after many back and forth samples and test fitments, we were able to come up with a proprietary leather hide that is specific to our product line.

100% Genuine Soft Touch US Produced Leather, and features post processing properties which allow for long term durability, pliability, and soft texture which works perfectly for interior automotive application. This proprietary to AutoStyled leather is something that we worked hard on to ensure that our customers are getting the best leather that we can source and is specific to this exact application.
Our Alcantara boots are using 100% Genuine Alcantara, which ensures that the product material is constant from batch to batch and perfectly matches the factory materials which are used on the seats.


The next part of the puzzle is the stitching and threads. With thousands of manufactures, colors, and material options for threads, we took on the daunting task of finding the exact threads that match the color and quality of the factory stitching that is found within each vehicle for which we make boots. This allows the boots to seamlessly match to OEM colors and produces a part that once installed has that true exotic feel and finish. In the image below you can see how we made several different sample boots and tested them in the vehicle and against factory thread colors on both the RS and the ST to match as close as we possibly could to the factory thread color!


All the raw material is CNC cut on a plotter to give us consistent patterns, crisp cuts, and perfect fitment. After cutting the patterns are then hand stitched by our highly skilled seamstresses. The double and in some applications triple stitched is done for durability and resistance to splitting while offering a great aesthetic appeal. These processes allow for us to have an unmatched product from batch to batch, and is the exact same process which is used by very high-end exotic car companies.

Final Results
***All of the boots are available in Leather or Alcantara and in Blue, Red or White, in either Leather AND Alcantara***

Install Instructions for Shift Boot
Install Instructions for Brake Boot

Model Specific Shift Knobs

We will be first to say, that we left no stone un-turned, and over-designed the simplest product! Why? Because we want perfection in form and function, as a shift knob is something that you touch and feel EVERY SINGLE TIME you drive your car.

Our shift knob design took countless hours of design, 3D printing, re-design, and re-iteration before we came up with our final solution. This simple, but yet sleek design offers a very ergonomic shape that feels wonderful, regardless of hand size.

Our efforts turned a simple part, into something that we are truly proud of and can say that is unmatched in the market. Each knob features a multi piece construction, and once assembled it has seamless transitions for comfort and ergonomics. Our knobs are vehicle specific, meaning that AutoStyled Shift knobs are Specific to your exact car! Allowing for a PERFECT fit!

24 Gauge Stamped, Embossed, and scratch resistant coated ALUMINUM! We chose aluminum for its durability, ability to have a true 3D logo that is durable and fade resistant. We then use a high temperature 3M double sided foam adhesive to provide a superior peeling resistance that will work in both HOT and COLD climates. As the last thing you want is a medallion that falls off.

When installed the medallion, it fits very nicely into a recess in the knob, to ensure it never comes out and has a very smooth and seamless transition.

Featuring a 53mm Diameter, we offer the knob in 3 different material options. Billet 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, White and Black genuine DUPONT Delrin, or our heavy weight 304L Stainless Steel.

  • Delrin center knobs weight in at 0.32LBS and are the most resistant to temperature change. Fantastic aesthetic appeal that combines light weight with functionality.
  • Aluminum center knobs weight in at 0.50LBS and features a heavy duty TypeII Bright Dip Anodizing for scratch resistance and deep color. Great middle ground in weight, and is not too heavy or too light.
  • Stainless Steel knobs weight in at 1.05LBS and feature a gorgeous machined surface finish. Ideal for those wanting a smooth gear shift as a result of the added mechanical leverage from the weight of the knob.

Model Specific fitment ensures that this knob is designed for Subaru 5 and 6 Speed vehicles! Constructed out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 Aluminum, this knob will hold up to the test of time without having to worry about damaging threads or sloppy fitment. After machining the centers receive a hand polish before getting TypeII hard anodizing for a deep and scratch resistant coating.

Manufacturing and Assembly
All shift knobs are manufacturing in the USA using American sourced materials from the box to the medallion to the aluminum! This ensures that we get you the BEST knob possible.
The machining process is done on a CNC machine for consistency and precision that is unmatched by a hand operation. The parts are then all hand inspected prior to polishing and post-processing to ensure that each one is perfect!
After anodizing and post processing, each part is then inspected again and hand assembled. The three pieces are then screwed together with a grade 8.8 tapered fastener and secured using high temperature vibration resistant Loctite. After final assembly the parts are then wiped down and placed into a custom designed box for a safe transit to you!

Final Result!
Available in 9 different color options and are specific to the Focus RS and ST!


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I wish there was a bundle with just the boots and shift knob/reverse lockout but without the shortshifter bracket and bushings.
It's a good deal for all that but a lot of people prefer the short shift arms and not the bolt on brackets or already have them and would just like the boots and knob.

Maybe that package can be added?
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