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About Us
AutoStyled was started with a simple goal, Function and Form! The products had to perform just as good as they look, regardless of the time and effort required to make nothing short of perfection in our eyes. Our goal is to offer a factory like fitment and install, while providing added benefit of using better materials and craftsmanship to areas of the car which we felt left something to be desired.

All items are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, using high quality materials that are domestically sourced and spec'd to our product requirements. Each product goes through a strenuous design process, test fitments, short and long term testing, and includes everything required to provide our customers with the best final product that is available in the segment.
Short Shifter

We found that most other shifters on the market had a few issues. Either a nightmare to install as it required the dreaded roll pin to be removed, didnt have enough throw adjustment, or got rid of the stock lever and replaced it with a light weight lever arm that took too much effort to shift.

When we started the design, we knew that it had to be something that anyone can install in under 10 minutes, didn't require any specialty tools and offered a wide range of throw reduction.

The design is simple in appearance, but yet a cleaver approach as we use a top installed shifter with top mounted hardware which means that you do NOT have to remove the stock arm. By retaining the stock arm you maintain the weight of the stock shiftier which prevents a notchy feel and smooth gear engagement.

Next thing on the agenda was a proper throw reduction. By taking a ground up approach, we designed a shifter that that has a 24% and an industry shortes 45% reduction.

As all our other projects, this shifter is 100% Designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA.
The body is constructed of Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum, which is then TypeII hard anodized to prevent oxidation and then laser etched with our logo.
All included hardware is grade 8.8 Stainless Steel, to prevent corrosion, and breaking.
The Shifter ball is also manufactured from Stainless steel and features a mirror finish for smooth shifting and prevent wear on the stock shifter cable.

We also include the 2 required hex wrenches to perform the install, meaning all you need is a simple flat head screw-driver and a 13mm socket!

Finished product is our AutoStyled Short Shifter!
*Billet Aluminum Construction*
*10 Minute Install*
*Shortest reduction on the market of 24% and 45%*

Short Shifteer Install Instructions
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