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Hello first post here! I wanted to see if this community had any recommendations for new tires on my 2015 ST.
I still have the stock Goodyear F1 tires, and my car just barely passed 11k miles lol. I rarely drive this little car (bought the car with 2 miles on it lol). But I noticed the other day when my low TP light came on that my tires look pretty bald for only 11k miles.
I'll be looking for new tires in the next few months, as I literally only drive the car 2-4 weekends a month, sometimes just around the block to keep fluids circulating and the battery healthy.
I'm not a tuner, never plan to change anything from stock except the tires of course, and other simple maintenance parts. I do not and will not ever race the car and I'm the guy who rolls his eyes at you when you pull up next to me and rev your loud exhaust lol. I just like to putter around and enjoy my cool little car around town whenever I do drive it, and never drive it hard.
All that said my ideal replacement tires prioritize ride comfort and tread life over anything else. Since I never drive it hard or will street race, I'm not concerned with tires capable of 150+ mph lol. I mean I heck I have a 5 year old car with 11k miles on it haha, I feel like a grandpa lol...thx for any suggestions :)
Welcome @Cokezero!

Sounds like you found a car you enjoy just being in, nothing wrong with that at all! :)

To jump right into it. There a tons of different options on the market as far as tire choices, so what may work for one person may not be the best choice for another. Tires, by nature are a product of compromise and no tire will score a perfect 5 out of 5 in every performance category, As Elyk864 inquired your driving habits and the environment you are in plays a big part in determining what tire would be the best option.

We would be more than happy in providing further information and assistance with guiding you in your tire selection. PM coming your way!
1 - 2 of 6845 Posts