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After searching the site for this information I noticed that while many have posted the link, several people were unable to access it. While the link is valid there is always a twist. In true Ford fashion access the desired information is not very clear or require hunting around for it. Personally, I use this tool a lot to help people diagnose issues with their vehicles so I wanted to share it. *Mods - if redundant please feel free to delete this post.

is valid however if it's the first time accessing it from your device or if your browser is set to delete cookies it will redirect you to the Country of origin / Language page leaving the impression that the link is no longer working.

After selecting the appropriate fields for your region navigate to the Free Resources tab and select Quick Guides.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and at the time of drafting this post (05/18/2020) the As Built link is the 9th up from the bottom.

Just enter a valid VIN number,complete the security check and click the submit button.
Please be patience as this form gets heavy use during the day.
Some web browsers may block pop-ups or redirects so keep this in mind should you experience any issues accessing the information.

Thanks and Stay safe!

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