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Anyone ever used any of the Ultra Racing bars

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Anyone ever used any of the Ultra Racing bars and suspension products? I've been looking at this strut bar and wonder if it will also fit a 2016 ST? Or were the 13 -16 models the same?

I like that the UR bars are solid and rigid, and don't have pivot points like ball mounts, or bolted points that can move and flex.

Ford Focus ST 2.0T (2012) Front Strut Bar / Front Upper Brace / Front Tower Bar

Can anyone recommend a solid welded strut bar and rear shock bar. Most I find are not solid welded bars.

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I would be shocked if they're not the same. Strut towers are hard points. Modifying the inner structure of the car would be extremely expensive (not just in manufacturing, but I'm pretty sure it would need to go through a rectification of crash testing), so that wouldn't be part of a facelift, but a full-on change to the platform (and even then, they usually carry over as much as they can for as long as they can).

I don't know if this would apply as much, particularly on a car that's so much stiffer in every axis, but when my 1990 Subaru Legacy wagon was getting near 200k miles and started squeaking, I used a bar in the back that had threaded ends between the bar and mounts that were meant to fine tune the width and I jacked the car up and cranked the bar wide to preload it. Eliminated the squeaks (from that immediate area, anyway) and stiffened the rear up noticeably, making it more predictable when dancing. So, anyway, my point is that if you get a quality bar with the threaded ends, you might be able to make it a little more of an active device than a fixed-width one. And the bar I used in the Legacy was meant for a later Impreza, which wasn't even a concern as the basic platform was used well into the 2000s for most of their cars. I wouldn't doubt that various chassis stuff from different models still transplants in today, but I stopped caring about Subarus when they stopped caring about making them, so I don't follow them anymore. Ford isn't Subaru, but manufacturing is manufacturing and bean counters are bean counters.
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