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Anyone ever used any of the Ultra Racing bars

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Anyone ever used any of the Ultra Racing bars and suspension products? I've been looking at this strut bar and wonder if it will also fit a 2016 ST? Or were the 13 -16 models the same?

I like that the UR bars are solid and rigid, and don't have pivot points like ball mounts, or bolted points that can move and flex.

Ford Focus ST 2.0T (2012) Front Strut Bar / Front Upper Brace / Front Tower Bar

Can anyone recommend a solid welded strut bar and rear shock bar. Most I find are not solid welded bars.

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I wouldn't really be that worried about pivoting at the joints in this context. The primary forces are acting along the the length of the bar, and not controlling/limiting the up and down motion between the two strut towers that much, which should be minimal anyway, based on how rigid this car is. I imagine that if the bolted or ball joints were that much of a blatant flaw in the design, at least mountune would be designing theirs differently.
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