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Hey guys, I have been using my Nvidia Shield tablet on top of my OEM Sony system for well over a year and it's been great. Most 8inch tablets would likely function well. I will try my best to show you guys how I did it after the fact, so here goes.

First thing is to set up the tablet for use in a car. I recommend rooting your tablet if possible so you can have access to custom actions through tasker software, but if not possible, install Automate. I used Automate for a few months before rooting and running tasker, it works pretty amazing for an in car set up. Automate has options for staying on, setting as home screen, turning the screen off and on on charge and many other options. I also use bluetooth buttons on the back of my steering wheel for custom commands, the buttons I use are Flic, they can be made to do pretty much any command. Quick tip, the focus does not cut power to accessories when shut off, takes a few minutes. If you turn off the screen on the tablet but need to turn it back on but the car still has power running, the screen will always turn on if voice command is launched. Tasker is a cleaner way to do this, but if not rooted, voice command is a good choice.


Before removing battery, and begining the process, make sure to set the audio option to AUX on the OEM stereo.

Step 1: Remove the plastic underneath the head unit cover, that allows access to two screws. Remove the 2 screws.
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Step 2: Pull away the head unit cover by pulling from the bottom towards you, clips on the sides and top should all come loose and the panel should now be hanging on by two cables.
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Step 3: Remove the two cables by moving the tiny lever shown in the image here, and pressing the clip on the second image.
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Step 4: The cover panel is now removed, you can now remove the screws holding the screen in place.
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Step 5: The screen is now loose, pull it away from the console and remove the two cables. The larger cable is by pressing on a small clip in the center and then using the grey plastic to unhinge it.
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Step 6: The screen is now off, now remove the two screws holding the head unit in place and any screws holding the plastic bracket in place.
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Step 7: Slide the head unit towards you and push the black bracket away from you to separate the two.
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Step 8: Once the black bracket is out, you will need to make some space for the tablet. Sand down (with a dremmel or something) the sides and cut out two notches on the bottom. This will depend on how thick your tablet is, mine needed like an inch.
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Step 9: Route your power and AUX cables. Best way is to remove the panel by the driver's side leg, remove the climate control unit and run the cables into the armrest area. (I powered mine by using a USB car charger that I have hidden under the original spot, I installed USB ports in the original spots, that will have to be a how to for another time.)
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Step 10: I reccomend a Ground Loop Noise Isolator to eliminate any audio issues from charging. Now it's time to put the bracket back into it's place.
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Step 11: Now with the shaved bracket back on, it's time to put the screen back in. Be careful when removing and re installing the screen, it can cut and scratch the dash.
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Step 12: I put a little foam to line up my tablet with the screen properly, your tablet may vary on the height side of things. This is where we test fit, should be fine if it's similar to how mine looks in the images.
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Step 13: Plug the AUX cable and power cable into the tablet and begin the re installation of the cover bezel.
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Step 14: Enjoy any GPS app you like, any music app you like, any video app you like, any messaging app and so on.
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I still have my phone bluetooth connected to the car's head unit, so phone calls are handled through the Ford Sync button.

This is how I have the Flic buttons set up
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