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I'm getting between 29 and 32 mpg from mine where my 2012 manual transmission SE averaged a lifetime in the 35 range. Not too bad a hit for almost an extra 100 hp and a boatload more torque. And it's not exactly the same thing, but my SE was pretty close to bulletproof for 204k miles, when it was totaled by a 2011 Camry (still drove home, Camry did not). In total, I replaced the battery, a wheel bearing, the radiator (aluminum with plastic end tanks—almost every car has them and they're a crapshoot), the brakes and rear shocks at around 130k, and several sets of tires. I also replaced a wheel and tie rods on the right side when I hydroplaned into a movable HOV barrier at about 45 mph (drove home fine). Oil changes about every 11k. I expect a little more maintenance needs from the ST, but can't see it being too much worse. The few repairs it needed were on the lower middle end for cost.
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