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Just purchased a new 2016 ST-3. Have had it for 2 weeks and love it.However it took some time to get used to the 6-speed as I had not driven a stick in over 30 years. Still a little rough with 1st ,reverse and down-shifting but getting better!

My son who is a CAR PERSON and 32 believes that I am NUTZZ for purchasing a kids car when I am 63. He also tells me:
1.....that I purchased a race/rally car not a winter driver
3.....repairs will be very expensive
4....this is a 20's-something vehicle and not for someone my age.

Needless to say that my excitement in purchasing my ST has been tempered by my son who believes that I am NUTZZ!

Any feedback would be helpful to perhaps put all of this into better perspective.

You are completely nuts... for putting 2 "zz's" in nuts

Otherwise you are completely normal car guy that wants a fun, sporty, yet practical car... it's not what I would consider a race or rally car. You can turn it into one, but you can turn ANYTHING into one so that isn't very valid. I have literally seen a Camry being "Rallied"
Not a winter car? depends on how bad your winters are. I run Mich Pilot Sport AS3s and I didn't miss a day of work because of weather or my car not making it in the winter.
3 - repairs? Warrranty comes in handy but I don't see why repairs for a Ford would be high? parts for this car are cheap. check out Audi or VW and you will see parts that are eye opening costly. As well as easy to work on and if you know half about cars you can do just about anything, nothing something said about any car.
4 - Don't know why age matters at all but a guy in our club is 61 so.
Guess it is kind of a bad thing this car gets a "boy racer" badge. I am 30 so I guess I am getting to old for it?

Anyways, enjoy the new car!
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