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Allow me to introduce myself

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Good Morning ST team, My name is Victor and Im from Miami. Im 28 and married with kids. Im the Proud new owner of a 2013 Focus St ST3. I was down to this and a 2013 MK6 GTI, the focus was bigger, quicker and had alot more options so that was a no brainer. Im looking foward to meeting more members and learning more about this car. This is not my first turbo car however it is my first oem turbo car and my first car that deals sct and cobb tunning programs. The subject that catches my eye right now is the tunning aspec. But ill ask questions as I go along. Well thats all for now. Here is atleast one pic of her lol.

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Congratulations and welcome to the forum. This is a great platform to work with and truly is one of the most well equipped "sporty" cars you can get for the price. Enjoy!

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Thank you, im figuring more about this platform everyday.

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This is the right place to learn just about anything you want to about these cars. Every day I read on here and learn something new.
Remember that pretty much any question you can think of has been asked and answered multiple times, so use that search function to avoid getting flamed.
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