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One of the biggest restrictions of power on a performance turbocharged car is corking up the exhaust gasses from the turbo. Factory downpipes sometimes have smaller diameters and have very restrictive catalytic converters. Freeing up this exhaust flow is the easiest way to increase horsepower and torque through the RPM band. Agency Power's 3 inch stainless steel downpipe is a direct replacement for the factory pipe. Designed in a modulare way so it can be used with the factory catback exhaust or an aftermarket catback, the downpipe is built from T304 stainless steel and then TIG welded. It utilizes the factory mounting points with the attached hangers.
Typically a downpipe will also give you a little boost creep allowing for your turbocharger to truly maximize its programmed boost potential. As tested on a Mustang Dyno, the downpipe carried horsepower and torque gains from 3700rpms to redline. At 5500rpm, the downpipe gave the ST about a 20hp gain with an additional 15ft/lbs of torque!
Fred Beans Price is $550 + free ground shipping to the lower 48 states
If you find a better price contact me about price matching
Send me a pm or call 877-872-6606 ext 1287

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