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Since about 10k miles I have had the funky AC problem. I have changed cabin air filters, recirculated AC cleaning foggers and even tried squirting lysol into the cabin air intake. These are either temporary or useless. I knew that I needed to clean the evaporator but to do that I need to find the drain tube. I jacked up the car and crawled around with a flashlight for a while find nothing. After some googling I found a picture of the tube from a Fusion.

From outside the car I have no idea, but from the cabin here is how.

Pull the bottom panel on the left side of the passenger foot well.

As you can see there is a little cover panel that hold a plastic clip and then the panel slides forward. I wasn't able to open the little cover, but I could reach up behind and pull it towards me, then the panel slides forward easily. I opened the cover panel for reassembly.

Here is the view with the panel out.
Sorry for the crap picture but you get the idea. The metal tubes are the heating loop. the white plastic thing near them is what we want.

This is the tube.

My finger is on the tube after it has been pulled from the evaporator housing.

I blew out the tube to make sure it wasn't blocked, and then used some foaming evaporator cleaner to get out the stink.

Reassembly is just the reverse. This time putting the panel back on properly.

Enjoy the clean air!
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