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Im the type of guy who researches a lot who is patient when shopping for quality and building for quality.

I use to believe that a custom map would be best made having your car dyno'd but ive learned the data logging is more accurate then a simulated drive.

I was planning on a dyno until i learned of this, your cobb computer will.collect better data on real time driving then a dyno does on simulated driving.

I work with a few guys particularly one who makes a hobby of building tuner cars and some pretty rad motors as well. Sure, all of these companies will tell you dynos are the best for making a cystom map, it cost much more but tbh, nothing is better then collecting data from real time driving then simulated driving imo. Just my opinion, im going to be looking into this more but ive been brought to light about this by a few people i work with, with old timers who have many years of experience doing this.
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