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Thanks for having me. Just bought a 2014 Oxford White ST3. I have been driving a 2001 Chevy Tahoe for 2 years, and now need to drive 60 miles round trip a few times a week. I have kids, and am tired of the Tahoe sending me to the shop or parts store every month (has 210k miles) so here we are. It took a surprising amount of time to find a '13 or '14 in white with ST2 or 3 in my area. I wasn't willing to settle, considering how much money I was about to drop on a car. Anyways, the car is in nice shape, has some sort of exhaust that says "Ford Racing" and a silicone intake tube with a box and filter and a nut that won't thread in more than a turn or two. Unsure of brand as well. Looks to have a symposer delete and I really don't know what else. Anyone know how to check for a tune? :)

So overall I'm very excited to have economical, reliable, but not super common transport for myself and my kiddos. I'll also be looking to trade the gunmetal gray wheels for some standard silver units.

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