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Looking for someone who can provide a through write-up on the proper way to sync 3 systems together electrically by wiring diagram and or general plumbing.

I'm willing to pay.

First of all my setup.

1 . Snow Performance Water/Meth Stage 3 kit.

I still need to purchase the (4) smallest nozzles for the kit. Not sure on additional tubing or T's or connections needed.

2. Speed Performance Direct port Aux fuel System
- featuring 4 holes on the bottom of spacer to insert water/meth nozzles.

3. Stratified Guardian Angel

I guess my question is with the different systems needing power, wiring and plumbing.. I was hoping someone either has done something similar or can explain correct way to have this setup correctly? Can the Snow Kit be set to trigger the Guardian Angel if there is a fault with the Meth system?

This is going with my big turbo setup.. going to be running a Speed by Design Blue Series 2971 variant. It is all going to be under hood not run to my hatch/trunk.

- TH
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