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2017 Focus ST Won't Pass NY State Inspection

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I've been trying to get my 2017 Focus ST to pass inspection for the last 3 months. So far everything I have tried hasn't work. It's 100% bone stock, no modifications at all. I had the car 3 years, first 2 years I had no problem at all. Over the winter I had to get a small repair (charge pipe came off the intercooler and wasn't getting boost). Super simple fix, but my mechanic must have disconnected the battery to do it for whatever reason. Now I cannot get the O2 and heated O2 monitors to set readiness. I drove over 1,000 miles following the driving procedure and they never set readiness. My mechanic thought it might be a glitch, so he reset the computer and I started all over again. Now 400 miles later, they still won't ready. They logged the car and I logged the car with hptuners to see what was going on. Absolutely no codes, no CEL, no pending codes, and car seems to be working perfectly, Fuel trims are within +,- 3 for the most part, no KR, nothing. It drives perfectly and when scanned, it appears to be functioning perfectly as well, so I'm completely stumped.

Anybody have any ideas of what could be wrong? I don't want to just start changing parts, spending money and guessing, especially when the car runs perfectly. I don't know what else to do at this point.
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So here’s the general advice:

- if you have a stored code for emissions you have a failed part

- if the monitors are not ready and there are no stored codes you haven’t correctly completed the drive cycle
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So what if I have no stored codes and also correctly completed the drive cycle? The screenshot I shared shows the heated O2 as "not enabled."
I'm inclined to say that just means you didn't complete the drive cycle, it is much more difficult to get the monitors ready in the cold but it should still work. However you did drive a lot.

The screenshot shows heated catalyst as not enabled these cars don't have an externally heated catalyst so that checks out as normal. Your long term fuel trim is kind of high at 11%. Commanded and actual WB EQ ratio are not in agreement, 0.96λ is 13.5:1 AFR which is a good ways off of the commanded 1λ or 14.08:1 AFR. So the ECM is adding 11% extra fuel and as a result the mixture is rich at idle. I'm wondering if you may have a failed or failing lambda sensor.

It seems like something is wrong and it isn't that you're not completing the drive cycle, I'm willing to bet a code will set eventually.
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