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Hi, my name is Ryan and I own a Ford... Never thought I'd say that but after my wife went car shopping for her best friend at the local Ford dealer to look at the Fiesta. They drove the Focus ST for fun and my phone immediately started blowing up with messages saying how cool it was. We went there the next day and I was pleasantly surprised with the little beast! Made the purchase that evening of the last remaining 2016 Oxford White ST3 in the NorthWest but we has to wait 18 days for the train to arrive! Longest wait ever.

The car will be my wife's new daily driver commuter car (50 miles a day) and our fun weekend cruiser. She needed a car that got good milage and was fun to drive. This little Ford fit the bill and beat out a dozen other cars we'd test drove. The ST3 is packed with great features. We're loving it.

We made sure the dealer didn't touch the car once it was taken off the semi truck.

--- Here he is - FroSTy the unmolested virgin... for now! haha ---

FroSTy, on Flickr

--- Untouched - Everything was intact. --- :)

FroSTy, on Flickr

FroSTy, on Flickr

--- Even left it in transport mode... This is easy to disable, took 30 seconds at the fuel station while filling up with PREMIUM. (can't stand people who run regular fuel) ---

If you're curious how to Exit Transport Mode - Turn Ignition ON (press start button) - Press Brake Pedal 5 Times - Then Press Hazard Button 4 Times (on-off-on-off) within 10 seconds. You're good to go!

FroSTy, on Flickr

--- This could come in handy for people taking delivery of their new car. These are the "loose" items found in the car. (glove-box, backseat & trunk) ---

- Antenna.
- Center Caps.
- Floor Mats (front & rear)
- Key Blades (2) These go into your key fob.
- Fuel Funnel (located in spare tire well above tire to the right)
- Keycode Card.
- Remote Key Fobs (2)
- Front License Plate Bracket (NO THANKS!)
- Reference manuals (4 booklets w/leather holder pouch)
- Rear License Plate Hardware.

FroSTy, on Flickr
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