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2016 ST3 Add Aftermarket sub and amp

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I have a sub and amp from my previous car laying around ready to install. Problem is I have limited knowledge on what the best way to wire my current sub/amp combo in with the ST3 sub and amp. My previous car was very easy because I just needed to splice some wires from the head unit to a LOC and get power from the battery.

Can I keep the stock speakers on the OEM amp and wire both subs to my aftermarket amp? Do I need to run an additional wire from the car battery for power?

The sub and amp I have.
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You will need separate power and ground, ie amp install kit. If the amp accepts high level input, you can clip the factory sub plug and wire in rca plugs. They are 10 to 15$. Then a low voltage trigger if the amp isn't signal sensing to turn on.

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I have all the wires necessary for power and ground from my last install. I just need to buy a new LOC, my old one was toast when I uninstalled from my last car. Is a LC2i necessary or would a generic LOC work?

I used to have my amp hooked up to a 12V plug in the trunk of my old car for the trigger, is there a spot in the ST for that in the back that is easy to get to? I also want to wire the OEM sub to my aftermarket amp along with my aftermarket sub. Given that my amp is 1/2/4 ohm capable and my aftermarket sub is 2 ohm would they both work plug and play or would I have to wire them differently?

Thanks for all the help.
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