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Hey everyone, considering downsizing to something a little cheaper. This car has been phenomenal, I've enjoyed every mile and minute that I've owned it thus far. I am the original owner, I ordered the car from the factory as it appears here with a few minor tweaks.

Some quick details:

2016 Focus ST
  • 24,000 miles
  • 6 speed manual
  • Magnetic Metallic Exterior
  • ST2 option kit - HID lights, partial leather manual recaro seats, Sony 10 speaker sound system, etc.
  • No Sunroof (lighter, no leaks, more headroom, etc.)
  • Performance blue interior


  • Additional set of OEM wheels powdercoated black chrome with Bridgestone Potenza S04s, no curb rash
  • Triple R Composites front splitter
  • DMB Badge Inlays in Performance Blue
  • Husky all-weather floor matts (originals included, never installed)
  • XPEL full front clip clear bra with the addition of a full hood cover w/ 10 year warranty

I have maintained the car religiously, oil changed with Castol Full Synthetic 5W-30 Titanium every 5000 miles for the first 20k, then began using RLI 5W-30 low Ash Diesel oil (bio-synthetic). Air filter replaced at 20k. Have oil analysis for anyone curious

The car has 0 issues, I have all the original paperwork etc.

Asking 19,500 , located between Nashville and Knoxville, TN

Below are some photos, I'm happy to answer any questions regarding the car. I have not beat on the car in any way, never tracked never auto-crossed (avg. MPG is 28.4 over the car's life), no clutch dumps, nothing. I drive the car very conservatively, wait for everything to be up to temp, clean it regularly, wash and wax it religiously, it needs nothing but to be driven and enjoyed.

More photos available here:

IMG_3384 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_3405 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_3410 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_3438 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_8937 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_8977 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_8923 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_8394 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr

IMG_8397 by Philip Ouweleen, on Flickr
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