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I have a 2016 Focus ST3. I have owned it for about 2.5 months, and have about 2200 miles on it. I supposed I noticed an issue with the adjustable backrest of the driver seat from the very first day I bought it. At the time, it oddly seemed like the seat had to be in a specific position in order to allow the backrest to adjust.

Recently I noticed the backrest couldn't be adjusted at all while I was in the car, but every other power function of the seat worked. I got out of the car and noticed as long as I wasn't sitting in the seat I could adjust the backrest. Then I pushed down on the seat with my hand where I sit and again, the backrest wouldn't move.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or is there some sort of weird safety feature I'm missing that I have set that the backrest can't move when I'm sitting in it? My personal thought is that there is something wrong with the design of my seat, and that the pressure on the seat is preventing some of the mechanics from being able to move. A friend of mine who has the exact same car confirmed his seat has no issues.

I have an appointment at the dealership to have this fixed tomorrow but I guess I wanted to confirm there wasn't something I was missing.
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