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I early lease swapped my 2014 Fiesta ST after a year and a half, because I was almost to my 30,000 mile limit, for this 2015 Focus ST. I custom ordered it with the ST2 package and no sunroof. Installed the Cobb shift knob from my Fiesta, installed an Injen CAI, plastidipped the wheels and badges, and added window tint (all included plus the OEM intake system and shifter). Just hit 7,500 miles.

Problem is full time school started back up in September and my income cut into 1/3, as I'm a commission worker, and it's a slower season than the summer I cannot currently afford this car. I'm looking for a lease transfer. The process is very simple, which can be done in a few minutes at Suburban Ford Collection of Sterling Heights.

My current lease is three years at 45,000 miles total. I cannot give you a price as it's based off your credit, but I'm currently paying $429 per month. Current purchase price by Ford Credit is $25,121.

Thank you for looking. Emails go straight to my phone: [email protected] over a private message on here.


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