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2015 ST HKS turbo flange mod, stock charge pipe(cold)

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If anyone here could help me that would be awesome!

Thinking of cutting out a section of my charge pipe and adding in an inline aluminum tube with a HKS turbo flange on the stock cold side charge pipe, or just throwing in a 90* pipe in, instead of the small inline pipe..

What're your guys thoughts??
All help is appreciated

Ps. I am new to turboed cars so if I sounds cheesy, sorry :grin:

I've also included pics


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I know atp makes a bov cast elbow you might be able to use off the side of of the intercooler.

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Yup! You can get an ATP elbow with a flange already on it and it fits fine with the CX setup.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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