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2015 Ingot Silver Fiesta ST *Lease Takeover* $299/month

LEASE TAKEOVER: 2015 Ford Fiesta ST in Ingot Silver on Molten Orange Recaro buckets.

*$26,295 MSRP*
(option to ship anywhere in the US)

TOP OF THE LINE/FULLY LOADED! w/Nav and Moonroof. Sony system with Microsoft Sync. Heated Seats. Rado Gray Wheels w/Red Calipers. Pothole in winter w/wheel replaced.

I have taken extremely good care of this car with regular oil changes every 4K miles.
13 payments remaining @$344/month *$585 CASH MONEY INCENTIVE* (brings monthly payment to $299/month)
Currently 22,200 on the odometer
Lease end on 4/24/18 with 36,5xx miles max
Michelin AS3 Tires with 70% tread remaining.

This is my first winter driving some distance to and from work. Here in Colorado, I'd really prefer AWD for those long daily commutes. For that reason, I'd like to move on from the Fiesta ST.

Responsive steering and a lively chassis, it is a true enthusiast machine. It's been every bit as fun as what you have read and seen on the Youtube reviews. This would be a simple lease takeover from Ford Credit for just over a year. A small commitment to experience one of the most engaging and exploitable cars on the road today.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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