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2014 ST owner: looking at a 2017 ST

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Hey guys,

Doing a bit of searching around, trying to piece together the differences from the 2014 to the 2017, which should be available in the spring.

As a 2014 owner with MyTouch, you know my pain. I'm really more curious about the Car Play feature and/or how that plays out with Sync 3. Also, Sony 10 Speaker Sync3, or Sony "other" with Navigation? The navigation is ok on the MyTouch, as long as I pull over and find it first. But I'd love to be able to control Google Maps on my iPhone with the Car Play, particularly with Siri if possible.

If I get the Sony 10 speaker Sync3 and don't choose the navigation, does that mean there's no nav built-in at all?

Any other 2015/16 features that are going to blow my mind? How about the steering ratio, in particular lock-to-lock? It always felt kind of short to me, but assumed with the length and wheel diameter, that's as good as it gets.
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noise through the speakers is the most ridiculous thing... EVER.
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