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2014 PB detailed, paint pics

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Hatchback

Blue Automotive exterior Hood Glass Auto part

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Hatchback

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Motor vehicle

Vehicle door Vehicle Automotive exterior Car Family car

Porter cable // CG polishes // CG jetseal + 50/50 wax

I'm finding this paint is a little on the harder side vs what I'm used to, so in direct sun theres still some slight marring but not too bad. The car is my grocery getter though and not garaged so I'm not aiming for perfection.

Does anyone else feel like PB loses its depth in the sun? Love this color at night and overcast though.


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yeah i grew out of the greasy wet look on tires, plus generally it slings on your paint, even the gels. Haven't found a 'non shiny' tire shine yet but haven't looked either. I wipe off as much excess as possible after doing a tire shine, I like meguire's purple gel when I liked that wet look, if you didn't put too much on, it didn't sling bad.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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