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Good Evening Y'all,
I have had my Focus ST for just over a year now, and quite frankly, I am tired of the ST1 system and its lack of modern features for being a fairly recent car. I am mainly looking to upgrade to a double din headunit with Apple Carplay.
I have been looking into this for a few months now but finally have some cash flow as I am back from college for the summer. However, I have been having trouble trying to figure out what the necessary accessories to the actual headunit kits are. Let me explain.
The 2 I have found that are currently available and look reasonable are the Metra 99-5827B and the Scosche FD6200B. I am more interested in the Scosche as it has a much cleaner look without the rubber buttons on the bottom and maintaining the clean lock/unlock and hazard buttons. However, my trouble comes when trying to figure out what harnesses I need to purchase for the ST since it comes with Sync. I really want to maintain steering wheel control and Ideally have that work with the headunit IF possible, primarily for skipping tracks and volume up and down.
For the Scosche Kit on amazon, there are 4 different options- Amazon Link
1. The dashkit alone
2. The Dashkit with an Adapter
3. The Dashkit with a Control Interface
4. The Dashkit with a Harness
Anyone with experience or knowledge know what harness's I need to buy to make a proper conversion and what my options are in terms of retaining steering wheel functionality?
Thank you for the help.
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