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2013 white ST3 with 95k on the odo!

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Hey Guys,

Picked up my 2013 ST3 last week. Has 95k on it with new motor with 1k on it an warranty for a year. Older guy used to to commute to his job 100 miles a day and just bought an RS so was selling it cheap so I jumped on it. Interior is mint, has magnaflow catback, KN filter and FRPP tuner. Paint needed to be taken care of so I am 1/2 done with polishing compound cleaning it up and its looking awesome. Already got 1st autocross session booked with my friends in September!
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Yea i am in the middle of polishing it. Paint is not in great shape but will be fine. Cabin filter was filthy never been changed. Kn filter had dirt caked on, never been cleaned i ran out of cleaner. What else should i check? Motor is new, pads and rotors are in good shape. Anything else that could of been neglected?
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