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I have always hated the fact that I couldn't extend the sun visor to cover the whole window, my minivan has extensions that comes out to block the sun. It might seem like nothing but it drove me mad when ever the sun would be in that last area. I didn't know about this feature until I sat in a new ST and the sun visor was unhinged to the side. The new one is padded too.

Automotive exterior Vehicle door Vehicle Car Auto part

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Vehicle door Auto part

Remove the screw caps and remove the T20 torx screws
Material property Carbon Auto part Leather Car

You will need a small flat head to uncover the T20 torx screw
Auto part Hand luggage Car Vehicle Silver

Part number for the ST specific visor.
Technology Electronic device

EDIT: forgot to mention the old screw caps won't fit and the plastic thing (holder ?) needs to be opened up a little or u can buy the newer version.
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