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Hi all,

My dad drives a 2013 ST Wagon (in The Netherlands), which is stock, except for a remap.
I cannot remember how it drove before the remap, but after the remap the car has a weird boost response. It could be something normal that I'm not used to, but I'd thought I'd asked it here.

When accelerating hard on the freeway, from let's say 100 km/h in 4th gear, the car will over boost to 3/4 of the bar meter (being 1.45 bar / 21 psi) for half a second and then drop back to +- 1 bar / 14.5 psi. While accelerating it will continue to do that with around 1 bar pressure. I found this strange right away, but my dad does not have the time to figure it out, and the tuner couldn't find anything weird in the tune. Is this behavior normal for a ST?

Also, on a side note, last Saturday the engine light came on. Checked it at the dealer, warning P0299 came on. He could not find anything strange and reset the car. While driving home, the engine light did not come back on, but the engine wouldn't get past 0.45 bar / 6.5 psi. After an hour the car suddenly drove "normal" (like described above) again.
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