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New on this forum (been lurking around since january this year) but havent written much yet so far besides small questions in existing topics.

I've bought a 2012, sept reg (2013 model) ST-3 back in january this year with 60k miles on the clock - it was stock, beside quaife lsd.

I've loved the car much since, and this weekend finally stuff for stg2 arrived to install and revo stg2 map.

Modification parts:
- Wagner intercooler
- Forge BOV
- Milltek 3" catless Downpipe (catback is stock)
- Revo intake
- Stg2 Revo map
- at the same time E-Focus rear motor mount upgrade

Ever since installing the parts and map and immediately after leaving the workshop, i noticed that the car might have lost some/little low end power/torque - i am talking here about revs under approximately 2.100 - above that car is better than before and kicks really well. I got a cel light for exhaust soleonid in about 30km's after map and found that the connector was not full clipped on the exhaust cam solenoid (possibly when removing engine cover) and hopped that it would fix the problem - as it could theoreticaly explain my "problem", but sadly it was not - i used obd elm torque pro android app for reading and erasing the error and cel light which has not come back after additional 200kms - or it should be connected and erased with a propper tester to fully erase the error from ecu?

I do not know if it's all a "placebo" effect in my head due to sound symposer delete and loss of its "grunt" of symposer when you stepped on it little harder. But dont think so, as i need (think so) to apply more throttle to make it move and acts somehow as old turbos with low end power and once turbo filled, kicks ass.

I am very conservative and gentle driver pretty much of the time, driving gently and in lower rpms, therefore i noticed this immediately, but there are times when i give it hard times aswell when all the power i have is still not enough and would always want to have more :)))

Due to less restrictive dp and higher capacity intercooler there is some theoretical possibility to lose some low end power/tq or there should be at least the same if not more than before modifications...

I Will take the car back to workshop (already in contact, but they claim, there should be no power loss also in lower rpms) but i need to have time for that (maybe within this week, next the latest) to make some data logs and look in the parameters.

thx for your input and sharing your thoughts about my "feelings" of low end.

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What you're likely experiencing is a result of the tune. When you do a catless dp install it takes away a bit of spool time due to the increased exhaust flow. For this you need a tune to compensate for, and the tune will usually pull a bit of ignition timing in those low rpm ranges as to not induce knock or overstress the rods at the very torque low rpm range.
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