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I have a 2013 Focus ST for sale. I am in no hurry to sell, as the only reason I am selling is because I just placed an order for an RS; it is going to be several months before I see my RS.

- $20,000
- Race Red
- ST3
- Moon-roof
- Navigation
- 27,000 miles
- Second Owner

I have had the car almost a year. I bought it with just under 20k miles on it. I bought it from the original dealership it was purchased new from. The first owner was an older, retired gentleman that just liked to try new cars every couple of years. All the service was done at said dealership until I took over. So far I have only put just over 6,000 miles on the car (I'm actually at 26,700 miles at the moment) in approximately a year, and I have already changed the oil three times using Mobil 1 synthetic. I take very, very good care of my vehicles. From the day I bought the car, it has always had a full set of Husky Liners in it to protect the carpet and make cleaning the interior easier. Now, these will not come with the car as I can reuse them in my RS. I just mention them to call attention to nothing being wrong with the carpet or factory mats. I have a perfectly fit windshield sun shade that goes up ANY time I park the car not in my garage. Which, obviously, the car has always been garaged. The car has always been fueled with 93 octane from Shell or Chevron.

Also, the car has BRAND NEW (seriously, had them put on just a couple days ago) Pirelli P-Zero A/S tires. They are objectively rated as being the best A/S tires available. They grip nearly as well as the stock summer tires, but don’t have that instant turn-in. This is something I decided to make the trade-off on, so I could actually use the car in the winter. As a plus, it rides a little better and gets a touch better gas mileage.

Modification details:
I have done a few tasteful (in my opinion, at least) to the car that in no way affect the remaining factory warranty. The list is as follows:

- Luxeon LED complete replacement fog lights
- Headlight Armor fog light vinyl
- Green Filter
- Magnaflow Catback
- CFM Symposer Delete
- Active Grill Shutters removed
- 30% tint

The car does have a couple of minor issues.

1. The driver’s seat has a very small amount of wear. My thoughts are that the previous owner pushed off the seat with his back instead of using his knees when getting out of the car. I am very careful of my ingress and egress points of the seat, but again, I may just have slight OCD, lol.

2. There are a couple of small chips on the driver’s side of the rear bumper cover. These were there when I bought the car, and were apparently touched up by the previous owner as I found a small bottle of Race Red touch-up paint from Ford in the glove box when I purchased the car. As I have said, I’m a very picky owner, and I say this with all honesty: the only time I notice these is when I’m washing the car. Once you’re not inches away from the car, the touch-up just blends right in.

All this being said, I have truly loved this car. I have had an SS Camaro, a couple of Z06 ‘Vettes, a GTO, and various classic muscle cars. There’s no one particular type of car I do or do not like, I just like to try many things. This car has been…just…fun. So much so, I ordered its (very) expensive big brother. The ST is comfortable, economical (I get 28mpg in the city and 36mpg or better on the highway), luxurious (seriously, for as cheap as STs are, they have nice interiors and features), and again, just plain fun. I have never tracked the car, but I do enjoy a good drive in the mountains from time-to-time. I know you can buy a new car for not much more than this, but not with every single option as this car has. This car stickered north of $30k when new. In fact, it took me a while to find this car. I find the ‘13/’14 to be more attractive than the refresh. And apparently red ST3s with moon-roofs are more rare than one might expect as I had to search for months to find this one. And boy, am I glad I did, this has been (and will continue to be for the next owner) a wonderful little car.

If you have any questions about something I haven’t covered, please feel free to reply or message me. If you would like to see pictures of anything that I may have missed, same thing.

Thank you in advance to any interested parties.

P.S. I will post some photos in a couple of days. I am going to borrow a nice camera from a friend. I just wanted to go ahead and get the post up and get some visibility on it.
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