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$13,500 OBO

2013 (purchased 10/2012) Ford Focus ST, ST2. One Owner car. ~60,300 miles. Tastefully modded, well imo. ~50 year owner so more babied than anything else. Never raced, dragged or tracked but I do beat on it here and there in Mexico. Currently stage 2 but all the part s are here to go to 3...

Why am I selling... 2 kids under the age of 5, need more room. Probably need 5 seat ride next year.

Motor mount and wiring harness TSBs done

Oxford White, Recaro sport buckets with blue bolsters, navigation (latest up date, A6) and moonroof.

5000 mile oil changes with Mobil 1 5W30.

Current rims on the car, Ford Racing 5 Spoke matt black with Goodyear All Seasons F1s, ~3000 miles on them.

Lots of $,$$$ in mods and extras. Most stock parts come with car except rear sway bar and exhaust

New OEM rotors ~10,000 miles ago, probably could use a turn down

Steeda Rear Sway Bar
Steeda rear motor mount
CFM Valve Cover Breather/check valve
Green Filter
Breedt Shift arm (set at 40% reduction, nice!)
Cobb AP3, Currently running Cobb OTS Stage 2
FRPP Shifter
FRPP Springs
Bilstein B6 Struts/shocks (~25,000 miles on them)
JLT Intake Catch Can
Mountune Intake
Mountune Intercooler
Mountune Intake Elbow
Mountune Lower Intercooler Pipe
Mountune Recirculation value
Mountune Front Strut Tower Brace
Cobb Cat Back
NC leagal Tint (~33%)
Damond Motorsports PCV Catch Can
Cold Air Snorkel
Hawk HPS Pads out back
Wilwood 6 Piston Calipers, BP10 pads, and Braided lines

Part not installed but included
Matt Black Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels in 18x9 5x108 38mm offset (have worn F1 AS on them, have TPS in)
Cobb Down Pipe w/gasket
Vibrant O2 J adapater
New V band clamp
New Ford OEM front and rear O2 sensors
Wilwood BP20 pads (been installed but not many miles on them)
Mountune intercooler hoses and clamps
Mountune rear motor mount
FSWERKS Lower front stress bar
Steeda sound symposer delete kit
New Ford OEM Clutch disc and pressure plate
New Ford OEM slave cylinder
New Ford OEM strut bearings
New Ford OEM strut plates
Hawk HPs rear pads

That is all the good stuff

The Bad...
Ford replaced the ECU @ ~58,250 miles. Bad pin according to them. The gauges would go crazy, up and down. Stop turn it off and restart wouldn't do it again. Also only happened when it was really cold. After ECU replacement it did it one more time. Ford kept it for a month and supposedly traced all the wires and could not find any thing wrong. I also noticed it only did it when I did not warm it up, never happened if I warmed it up (dropping kiddos off at day car has a wife mandated car warm up period)

The is a dent on the panel behind the antenna where my iPhone met its death. Hard to see in a photograph.

Door ding from rock half was down drive door near edge by back door. Hard to photograph but...

Asking 13,500$ PM for phone number or pic of anything

How did I arrive at the price. KBB trade value @ "Good" condition (probably very good) ~61,000 miles. So if I de-mod it and trade it should be pretty close to the price.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO SELL PARTS... if it doesn't sell I will pull the add and have a part out one, until then...

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Alright I think I am going to trade it so I'll probably de mod and have big part sale so keep your eyes open unless they find another 2 grand than screw it
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