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I haven't posted on this site much, but found it very informative and write to tell you about some recent problems and the repairs that were done by the factory, to relay my experience if anyone else is feeling the same issues in their car. If these repairs are good for other areas of the forum, please link to the right area. I read this a lot, but still new to it. I include the repair part Nos. below.

Ultimately, the big fixes were all the engine mounts, and a new clutch line tube.

Car: 2013 Focus ST ST3, purchased used 3/2015 with 27,000 miles on it. Current mileage 44,400, same mileage I got the repairs.

Usage: My daily driver. A lot of commuting; I live in Los Angeles. I will drive it spirited and do some canyon runs, but I am not running around town dropping the clutch at every stoplight just to mess with other people. Not that it is necessarily needed, been changing the oil every 3-4k miles, and I took the car in before 36,000 to pretty much have the whole car checked out before the bumper to bumper warranty expired. There was some wear on the driver seat, entry side bolster, but that was not covered. The passenger door also stuck a bit, that was not covered, but I at least lodged the complaint. Beyond that, I had no issues at that time.

Complaints: A few weeks back, I started hearing a duplicative engine noise through the piped in intake, through normal progression through the revs, between 3-4krpm. It was almost as there was a similar engine rpm noise, with a secondary noise coming in a little off frequency, but mirroring the climb in revs. I felt some vibration, but with all the electronic assist, cant tell you if it was through the wheel or the seat. But something felt off. The clutch engagement also seemed to have a small gap . I don't want to say clunky, but the engagement was not as smooth.

Took the car on the second day of feeling this to Galpin Ford in the valley, and told them that I heard and felt the sound, wondered if it was a bearing [hoping nothing was wrong with the turbo], and asked them to check the clutch.

Long story short, they repaired the car with the following, all under warranty. Dealer wrote the following on the invoice:

"Road test could not duplicate the concern. Check OASIS and found the TSB 13-12-03 for the concern. R&R all 3 engine mounts and the hydrolic with new and bleed the clutch line. Road test okay now."

Cm5z6068a — Efocus lower engine mount
Dv6z6038b — bracket engine front support
Dv6z6068a — housing engine extension
DV6z7a512b — clutch line tube?
W500361s442 + w716238s442 — bolts

As I took the car in without appointment, it took 8 days to get fixed, but I am not complaining. Car was sent to the heavy line department to diagnose the complaints.

Result/Conclusion: Vibration and noise are gone, and the clutch is very smooth. I don't know if the engine mounts were broken or not, but the drivetrain and engine feel fantastic and tight again. I came from having chevy trucks with V8's and a 1990 5.0 mustang, from which it was much easier to 'hear' problems than this newer turbo car with god knows how much tech under the hood.

All said, reason of this post, is if you are feeling or hearing anything like this, could be the mounts, and should be warranty if you are still within.

Last Thoughts: Car is stock, only changes are Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and Hawk HPS pads. If you are questioning which tires to get, get the Michelins. Great increase in ride quality, less highway noise, and damn sticky. It was easier to break the rears with the Goodyears, now its uncomfortable how hard it is to get the rears to skip with the Michelins. With the HPS pads, they almost eliminated the stock brake dusting issues, and have a significantly smoother initial entry bite when braking. For those two parts, with basic driving comfort and from what I feel is better performance with both traction and braking, do not hesitate.

Thanks again all, and if this is in the wrong place, I apologize in advance to the moderator.
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