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Was driving down the road casually and had just shifted into fourth and CEL went off and hill start assist was disabled. Pulled over and tried to give it gas and it didn't move. I have a COBB AP and it threw 3 codes.

-P0106 (Manifold Absolute Pressure)
-P0236 (Turbocharger/Supercharger Boost Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance
-U0284 (Lost Communication With Grill Shutter Control Module A)

This scared the crap out of me because all 3 codes were at once. I go back to tow the vehicle and start it, and all codes were gone. The next morning it ran fine.
Don't know where to go from here. Called my mechanic and he said it might be electrical related. I recently have upgraded it to full bolt ons and a bigger turbo.

Any ideas? Or has anyone ran into this problem?

Full Mod List:
Cobb Catback Exhaust
Cobb RMM
Cobb AP
Mountune Catless Downpipe
Mountune Cold Air Intake
Mountune MRX Turbo Kit (Borg Warner EFR 6258)
Tuned By Yimisport

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-U0284 (Lost Communication With Grill Shutter Control Module A) should be turned off cause I doubt you kept them with cobb fmic

the other 2 codes sounds like map voltage issue which should probably stop the car from running properly. who did the install? map sensor loose? log map sensor v paramater in cobb and data log and map sure voltage is reading properly.
if all is well i wouldn't worry, but your tuner needs to turn off the dtc for grill shutters.
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