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100 octane tune on Big Turbo

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Hey everyone, im currently tuning for ethanol and 91 mix on my GTX2867R .64.. Wondering if their is any worth doing a 100 octane tune on the stock fuel system? Just contemplating if this will get me another 20-30hp to hold me over till I get my Aux Port injection come Christmas time. Anyone out their tuned on 100 octane with this turbo? Curious on numbers...
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Why not have 400whp all the time running on w/m or mixed with E85?
He did say he has aux coming later on - so this is more of a temporary get him by on higher octane until then. He's also already on E85/91. Sounds like he can't reach 400 with just that alone - which isn't uncommon. Possible, but I don't think I see it often without aux or w/m.
Haven't looked to find the answer yet but another things comes to mind and that is investing in a slightly larger turbo that will more easily reach those numbers on pump gas alone (not needing aux or w/m). If you add up the cost of of going w/m or aux fuel - wonder how long before you start to break even with just selling your 2867 and getting something larger. 3071 maybe? I'll have to look into it myself as I'm curious. But I want to say that may be a route.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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