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100 octane tune on Big Turbo

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Hey everyone, im currently tuning for ethanol and 91 mix on my GTX2867R .64.. Wondering if their is any worth doing a 100 octane tune on the stock fuel system? Just contemplating if this will get me another 20-30hp to hold me over till I get my Aux Port injection come Christmas time. Anyone out their tuned on 100 octane with this turbo? Curious on numbers...
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Unless your going to the track on a regular basis, you should be looking at water injection.

The best performance you will get out of an unleaded fuel is VP MS 109 full stop.

Water Methanol + 91 octane will out perform E30 and Street Blaze 100, GT 260, Trick 101, even MS 109.

5 gallons of VP Street Blaze is $68 locally, 4 gallons of Banks Additive (50/50) is $35
Yea I didn't want the lag and 420whp is all I want in a daily and I figured thats in the wheelhouse of the 2867R. The water meth i dont feel is as safe and would rather go the port injection route for a couple hundred more..
What is your direct experience with water/methanol injection?

I've never had a failure. Failures come from TWO reasons -

1) Running more than 70% Methanol, if you want to run more, go Aquamist or Alky Control

2) Empty Tank

Lag is present with any turbo upgrade. There are cures for turbo lag but nobody seems to know what they are or don't care about it, after all roll racing is the rage now isn't it?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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