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2014 ST3. Garrett GTX2860R Gen 2.
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Keeping this simple. I'm just collecting data.

I want to know what tires you have, what power you are making (estimates are okay) and if they hold power in second gear (as in, 2nd gear, 40mph, floor it). As well as any comments you have about the tires afterward.

I'll go first.

Please use this format

What tires? Goodyear Eagle Sport All season

How much power? 340 horsepower at the wheels

Does it hold power in 2nd gear? Not at all. Absolutely terrible traction.

Any other comments: The eagles are a couple years old, maybe this is contributing to their ****ty traction (they spin 3rd as well at times)

I'd appreciate it if everyone would comment here!

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What tires?
a.) Michelin PS4S
b.) Michelin AS3+

How much power? 265whp

Does it hold power in 2nd gear?
a.) mostly (they come at night, mostly)
b.) No

Any other comments:
Mountune RMM, TB traction bars, strut tower and mid braces, YCW Coilovers 10k/12k
With the 2.3 throttle body, even 3rd wouldn鈥檛 hold traction so I went back to stock

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Tires - $90 Walmart special all seasons

Power - 265-270 whp

They actually do pretty decent when they're warmed up. Second spins enough to make some noise but it pulls through it pretty dang hard, if the tires are warmed up and the road is in good shape (which almost never happens) then it just chirps for half a second around 3500 and hooks hard other than that. I'm assuming that these tires are gonna last for basically no miles, otherwise I've found a miracle tire.

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2018 Ford Focus ST1 with a 2867 gen 2
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Turbo: 2867 gen 2 with a Michael_ST/Junits15 elbow, and 500 cc WMI shot coming in at 8 psi and all in by 24 psi.

Summer setup:
Tires- Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's in stock size (235/40/18)
Power- ~370hp/390 tq to the wheels
2nd gear at 40 mph? Not normally. Have to pedal it usually, or leave on the traction control.
3rd gear? Most of the time they hook up just fine unless the air density is over .90 and then it's a crap shoot once it gets to 4500 rpm.
Overall impression: good performing tire that has done well in the rain and seems to be holding up well to the torque I throw at it.

Winter setup:
Tires- GT Radial Icepro 3 in 215/50/17 size
Power- ~370hp/at least 390 tq since the air density is around 5-10% higher in the winter than summer here

2nd gear at 40?
Forehead Nose Eyebrow Mouth Jaw
Cheek Sleeve Baby Baby & toddler clothing Lamp

3rd gear at 60? Most mornings of the time it breaks loose... I've spun past slow people on the on ramp more times than I can count. It gets their attention, though. 馃槇
ETA: I'm revising my statement... It doesn't matter if it's morning or afternoon... If I put my foot on the floor, it breaks loose. The only gears it won't spin with these skinny tires on it are 4th and higher.

Overall thoughts... Decent snow tire that does ok in the slick stuff, but nothing to write home about in the dry. Panic braking gets squirrelly, too.

2018 HPR ST1 XDI BNR 3071
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What tires? Goodyear Eagle F1 , 3 years old

How much power? 275-285 whp (e30)

Does it hold power in 2nd gear? Absolutely not. 3rd gear good traction with throttle modulation.

Any other comments: modding a front wheel drive car is dumb. I don't even know why I'm here other than spending insane amounts of money that could have bought me a nice Mac 10 machine gun.

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What tires?
A) Michelin as3+ 235/40
B) Hankook ventus v12 Evo 2 235/40
C) Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 245/40
D)Firestone firehawk 500 235/35
E)Linglong crosswind AS UHP 235/40
F)Sumimoto HTR AS PO3 245/40
G) Goodyear Eagle F1 235/40
H) Continental DWS06 245/40
I)Bridgestone potenza RE-71R 235/40
J) BLIZZAKS 225/35
K) Pirelli P zero nero 235/40
L) Dunlop Direzza ZIII 265/35
M)Falken Azenis RT615k+ 265/35

How much power?
Spicy 93 FBO whatever that is.
Update: 3-10-23 E30 tuned now, added 265 racecar tires.

Does it hold power in 2nd gear?
A) No
B) Ish. If they're warm it'll hold
C) Yup unless cold
D) Yup unless cold or wet
E)Ish. Depends on Road surface and how warm.
G) Ish, depending on warmth. Mostly No
H)Yup. Superior AS tire (E30 update, yes, as long at its dry)
I) If they're warm, yes, all of it
J) Lol no. Spins 3rd too
K) No
L) Yes! 50掳and up only
M) Yes! 50掳 and up only

Any other comments:
Jeez. Well, we know where my budget goes....
Maybe I should start a youtube channel testing tires or something.
Firestones were on the car when I bought it. They were a couple years old at that point. Could've contributed to their meh feel

Linglongs came on a set of snowflakes I bought. They were like 3 years old. Surprisingly OK ish tires Considered their reputation. They made a trip to TOTD with me, screaming all the way.

Sumimoto came on another set of wheels I bought. Also surprisingly good for being a cheaper tire.
Dunlops I bought used. They were OK. Wore out quick though.
Everything else was new.

DWS 06 has been the superior cruising/All season tire. Already bought another set as I'm almost though this current set.

Car has all of the stiff mounts, LSD, sway bars, Fortune coilovers.
I live on curvy mountainous backroads so that's why I kill tires so much. Also #killalltires

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Nt05鈥檚 on 18鈥檚. 450 whp. With the lsd I get perfect traction every time in third above 40 degrees. Above 70 degrees and I dead hook through 2nd most of the time. But they鈥檙e almost useless in the rain and cold and only last 10k miles then your basically on full slicks lol
Pretty sure you鈥檙e still running that 2860R turbo so with the torque coming in at lower engine speed you might have a different result in 2nd.

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Let's see my current tires...

A) Falken RT-615k+ (245/40/18)
B) Falken RT660 (255/35/18)
C) Kumho V730 (255/40/17)

Power: 260-270 ish whp 91 octane tune FBO

Does it hold power in second gear?

A) yes in temps above 60 degrees
B) yes in temps above 60 degrees
C) yes in temps above 60 degrees

Other notes: M Factory LSD, FA510 coilovers with 11k front/15k rear springs.

2018 ST1 Magnetic Gray
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Bridgestone RE71-RS. 245/35/19. First and second is like "Holiday on Ice" at low RPM (small turbo around 315 whp). Third gear eventually is going to hook up. All assuming temp is over 70F. Don't drive it on the rain, so don't know. I can notice the edifferential switching from right to left to right tire.

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Falken 615k
260hp/340 tq
2nd gear not so much, but it's not bad, but really breaks loose in third, and some spin in 4th mid 3000 rpms... I live in PNW and it's cold and wet a lot this time of year so I slide all over the place

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Tires: Yokohama advan apex v601 (stock size stock rims)

How much power? 260? I really don鈥檛 know (Fbo, 2.3 tb, OTS stage 3 tune)

Does it hold power in 2nd gear? No. Unless I modulate throttle I will blow the wheels off in 2nd. Third can chirp but generaly will grip in most scenarios

Any other comments: Car has full motor mounts and an LSD. I鈥檝e ran through the fire hawks, falken fk 510 and rt615, and some no name acceleras. No tire I鈥檝e ran has gripped in 2nd gear

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A-Potenza Re980AS+
B-General Arctimax 3
Power-280whp (intercooler,catback on 93 and e30 tuned by JST)
Does it hold?
A-Depends on tire heat and road condition, if tires are warm, then yes
B-Nope, spins in a 3rd gear 40 roll though have gripped twice in a 30 roll in second, oddly enough
Other comments-The Potenzas are some of the best all around tires, very good in monsoon type rain in Northwest Ohio, have been decent in snow, and very good for cornering grip over longer periods of time.

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I have so much grips. It actually makes the car less fun to drive cause it just sticks lol.

What tires? 275/35R18 Nankang CR-1

How much power? 385whp/375wtq

Does it hold power in 2nd gear? I don't really use 2nd much at all, so no idea. No issues in 3rd, once the tires are warmed up.

Any other comments: Track/time attack build; lots of mods contributing to putting the power down and keeping it down, including...

I am running like -3.25 degrees of front camber, which doesn't help for grip going straight, but the wide tires do make up for it.

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What tires? Michellin PS4S's 245/40/18
How much power? idk, 260? oem turbo tuned @ 92 oct
Does it hold power in 2nd gear? Yeah, unless cold or wet.
Any other comments: I truly love these tires. For me, they're perfect to daily and also do a couple events every year. Pretty good grip combined with great tire life and price point. I know how popular they are so I'm sure my data isn't surprising

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What tires? Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S+
How much power? 396 at wheels
Does it hold power in 2nd gear? Nope, doesn鈥檛 in 3rd either.
Any other comments: I should鈥檝e purchase summer tires but at the time was still dailying the car.

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OEM Eagle F1, ~23k miles
260-ish? 270-ish? Stratified 93 tune with FMIC and snorkel
Still holds pretty well

Vredestein Quatrac 5 M+S
260-ish? 270-ish? Stratified 93 tune with FMIC and snorkel
You must be joking

They corner well but aren't summer tires, and it's obvious they are not
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