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▀▄▀▄ Vivid Racing | Agency Power Wide Body Fender Flares + Spoiler In Stock!

Vivid Racing Presents: Agency power Wide Body Fender Flares + Waist spoiler!

PM, call, or email for FoRS Exclusive Pricing! Forum members never pay retail!

[email protected] | +1.480.966.3040 x243 |

We have came a crossed quite a few sets of in stock fender flares and waist spoilers for the Focus ST/RS. These are both high quality pieces that fit and look great! Our project Focus ST even had both of these parts installed and it was a show stopper. The Fender flares are made of FRP which can be painted to match body color or you can leave them as it is. The Spoiler comes in carbon fiber weave, which is coated and looks great as is. Like always you can choose to paint this as well, examples shown on our project car photos below.

We would like to do a package deal for both of the items. You can always order individually, but feel free to contact me for best possible pricing and availability. These flares allow you to run a wider wheel and tire set up, also look great while doing it! Form and Function built into one piece!

Agency Power Widebody Fender Flare Kit FRP 4 Door Ford Focus ST 2013+



The Agency Power widebody flares are a great addition to the Focus body. After extensive designing and shaping, we have created these simple bolt-on, yet drastic visual upgraded flares. The flares are Made in the USA from a fiberglass composite finished in a black gel coat. Each fender has indentations where you can use self tapping screws or other hardware to mount them to your car. If you do not wish to drill into or cut your fenders, you can use 3M double sided tape or silicone to securely mount them to the body.

Agency Power Carbon Fiber Rear Waist Spoiler Ford Focus ST 13-14



With the huge success of Ford cars in rally racing, the Focus ST became a tuner car hit when it was released in 2013. Along with a complete line of Ford Focus ST parts, Agency Power has these carbon fiber waist spoilers for the hot hatch. Paying hommage to the early 2002-2003 Subaru WRX Wagon, the waist spoiler was very popular add on for wagon owners. On the Focus ST, the waist spoiler gives the rear hatch a bit of a kick to it. The shape follows the body lines curving in on each end. Finished in a high gloss clear epoxy, the carbon fiber part can be left as is or painted exposing some carbon like our demonstration red Focus ST. The spoilers are made in 2×2 or 1×1 pattern. Each spoiler has a smooth black gel coat mounting surface. Made in the USA, the carbon spoiler attaches to the hatch with double sided tape or RTV silicone (not supplied).


You can reach me directly by calling +1.480.966.3040 x243 to place your order over the phone.

Payment Methods:
- Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
- PayPal
- Affirm — Now you can finance your parts!
- Bank Wire
- Bill Me Later
- AZ Orders will incur 7.8% sales tax
- All international orders (outside of US and Canada) require Bank Wire or PayPal

We have very competitive worldwide shipping rates. Most orders leave via FedEx, however we do use UPS, DHL, and various freight companies. The most efficient shipping method takes precedence. Expedited shipping is available by request.

Hours of Operation: We do not observe Daylight Savings Time in Arizona
March-October: M-F 9am-6pm PST
November-February: M-F 8am-5pm PST
We are closed for business Saturday and Sunday

Contact Information:
Phone: 480.966.3040 x243
Email: [email protected]

Please feel free to contact me via PM, Email, or Phone if you have any questions.​
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