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  1. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    Will a 18 x 8.5 +35mm with a set of 245/40 tires fit without rubbing or poking on a stock strut ST?
  2. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    Hey all, I've been overthinking this I'm pretty sure and I'd love some help... I've had these Turbomacs ((Turbomac _ Gold)) I've been trying to get mounted on tires for a couple months now For the season I've been running Michelin X-ice Xi3 235/40/18 and I was curious one weekend to see if I...
  3. Focus ST Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, I recently bought some Focus Rs Forged wheels and I had a couple questions on fitment. #1 does anyone know what the exact specs of the RS wheels and how that compares to the Snowflake stock wheels? #2 does anyone have experience with using spacers on the RS wheels with the ST body...
  4. Focus ST Discussions
    Im looking at a set of18×8.5 and 18×9.5 deep dish 35/35 does anyone know if I can get these on without any problems? If not what would need done in order to fit them? Any advice is greatly appreciated
  5. Focus ST Discussions
    I'm looking into buying some nto3 18x9.5 40 for my 15 focus st as well as some lowering springs and I was just wondering how low I can go and what tires people are fitting on this setup! I'm looking into 245/40s with the eibach pro kit but if I can fit that tire with the steeda lowering springs...
  6. Focus ST Appearance
    I would like to purchase these wheels and brakes but cannot tell if they would work together. Currently I am in stock suspension, but would like to do coilovers in the future. I tried figuring this out myself, but it's confusing. I understand there might be other combination of rims and brakes...
1-6 of 6 Results