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    Hey there! I’m just looking for any advice at all in general that can help me! I own a 2013 Focus ST3 I bought at 64k miles and purchased a 2500 bumper to bumper warranty until 100k miles, I was wondering now that I’m at 85k miles I’ve never once had to use my warranty and would like to start...
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    Hi Everyone. I have a 2016 ST1 with 47k miles. I change the oil pretty religiously at 5k. Last change was at 45k at the end of July 2020. This morning the dash is showing a notification that an “oil change is required”. I’ve never noticed this before the 5k interval. Are there any known issues...
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    So I had a problem on the highway. I was going about 80, went to accelerate a bit to pass someone (maybe about 10% throttle) and I felt my car jerk forward a bit and it wouldn’t accelerate anymore. It wouldn’t go past about 3k RPMs. It will go into gear just fine, it just CRAWLS and will not...
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    Wanted to know if anyone has gone through this? I've got a slow leak in my coolant system. Local Ford dealer has tried a few things but nothing has truly stopped the leak. I have a "monster" warranty and now Ford Corp is sending me to different shop. Any insights on what this might be?
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    Looking to install mudflaps in the near future. I've got a 2016 FoST purchased from a dealership a few months ago. Still have 4 months of dealership warranty, and some Ford powertrain/corrosion warranty left. Will there be any issues with the warranties if I install mudflaps (considering...
1-5 of 5 Results