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  1. Bov

    Focus ST Performance
    I'm not that versed in car upgrades and what everything does. I am looking for a Bov, but wasn't sure if I need to upgrade anything else or if it can be a stand alone upgrade (can't currently afford bigger upgrades). Also i saw online that "some cars have the mass airflow sensor (MAF) located...
  2. Focus ST Turbo Upgrades
    Hi everyone I want to upgrade my turbo but I'm confused between these two turbos GTX2867 gen 2 with (tune 91 +95 + Ethanol) 2,245.00$ Turbo GT25-550 with (tune 91 +95 + Ethanol + external Westgate + Dump Pipe) around 3000 $ is it woth it to pay around extra 800 $ for GT25-550 ? is there...
  3. Focus ST Electronics
    Hey everyone! I've been updating everything from SYNC 2 to 3 in my 2015 ST and I've ran into a problem with the USB Hub module. I'd like to update from SYNC 3.0 to the latest update 3.4. I purchased from Amazon "Genuine Ford Transceiver HU5Z-19A387-B" from a Ford parts dealer. What I received...
  4. Focus ST Performance
    Introducing the Monster Tuned BNR 2867R turbocharger upgrade complete system. It's a well known fact that the OEM turbo just doesn't flow enough air to satisfy most focus st owners. If you want to keep close to stock turbo response and add an additional 110 HP (93 octane), or an additional 200...
  5. Focus ST Electronics
    Hej everyone, i just picked up my 2015 Focus ST3 and im totaly in love. But the previous owner didnt spec it with the sync system. But a standart radio system (picture) do anyone know a replacement system that supports bluetooth and works decent?
1-5 of 5 Results