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turbo line
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  1. Focus ST Maintenance
    Hey guys, I recently had a bigger turbo installed, BNR 2867, and I've noticed a bit of smoking when starting the vehicle up. It will clear once the car warms up but it smokes really bad for the first couple minutes. It will also smoke a tiny bit also after driving it for a bit but that's a...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    I just finished installing my ATP GT3071r, first start up seemed fine. it had a little rising smoke from the turbo just breaking in. After it settled everything was fine. Then it sprung an oil leak from the oil feed like from ATP. Common issue ? it’s coming from the 90 degree fitting. it seems...
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello. Recently picked up a 2014 St. Been loving the car. However did notice some coolant leaking in my driveway the last two days. One night it was a good amount and the other it was a very little amount. Cars never heated or had issues getting into boost and what not. Was able to possibly...
1-3 of 3 Results