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  1. Focus ST Builds
    Hello everyone, I have bought a Focus ST MK3 pre-facelift 2012 a year ago and have been driving it since with great pleasure. I enjoyed it so much I decided to invest and modify the car to make it sound and behave better. I have put Focus RS Synchros, clutch and flywheel on it. Also changed the...
  2. Focus ST Accessories
    So i just bought a cobb ap from cobb and when i start to log all gauges say “(C) APP Threshold PD” it won’t log anything. It is updated up to date, so i’m not sure what to do.
  3. Focus ST Performance
    So I just finished the 45 days available for custom tuning from mountune, got 3 revisions and still getting negative corrections. Randy, suggested I just use slot 4 (panic mode/1.5 degrees less spark) if that seems to run better. If not I can get another revision with even less spark. It just...