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transmission issues
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  1. Focus ST Maintenance
    I recently purchased a 2017 ST and a few days after driving off with it I realized the clutch was burnt up. Im stationed here in Charleston SC and am not familiar with the area. Anyone know of a good transmission shop around i can trust to do a good job with putting a new clutch and flywheel in...
  2. Focus ST Discussions
    So 4th gear in my car started not going in but grinding really bad unless absolutely jamming it into gear then it would be fine. I went ahead and pulled the tranny out put a spec stage 3 clutch and carbon fiber synchros thinking it would fix my issue but no I put the car back together made sure...
  3. Focus ST Discussions
    Hello I have a 2013 st having 4 gear issues. I hit a pothole and lost my fourth basically. I can double clutch to fourth. But only sometimes. My question is can I replace my transmission with a 2016 transmission? Any information helps. Thanks.
  4. Focus ST Maintenance
    This is my first post, so flame me all you want about how this is already a thread or how it is in the wrong section. But anyways, I have a 2016 St that wont shift into 5th and 6th. It happened when i was cruising 50mph and upshifted to 5th. There was a quiet "clank" noise that came from the...
1-4 of 4 Results